July 2017 New Arrivals

New Arrivals        July  2017

Adult Fiction

Author Title
Barclay, Linwood Twenty-three, The
Benneke, G. D. Promised Land : Home and Family
Benneke, G. D. Promised Land : Love and Hate
Brown, Dale Price of duty
Carpentier, Linda M. Stories of our time
Child, Lee No middle name : the complete collected Jack Reacher short stories
Crichton, Michael Dragon teeth
Duffy, Lisa Salt house, The
Flores, Mia Cartel wives :
Gray, Shelley Shepard Secrets of Sloane House
Hawkins, Paula Into the water
Iles, Greg Mississippi blood
Jenoff, Pam Orphan’s tale, The
Johansen, Iris No easy target
King, Stephen It
Lustbader, Eric Van Fallen, The
McCall Smith, Alexander My Italian bulldozer
McLaughlin, Henry Journey to Riverbend
McLaughlin, Henry Riverbend justice
Oke, Janette Where hope prevails
Oke, Janette Where trust lies
Quick, Amanda Girl who knew too much, The
Rich, Roberta Trial in Venice, A
Roberts, Nora Black rose
Roberts, Nora Blue dahlia
Roberts, Nora Key of knowledge
Roberts, Nora Key of light
Roberts, Nora Red Lily
Robinson, Kim Stanley New York 2140
Sawyer, Kim Vogel Grace and the preacher
Schultz, Emily Men walking on water
Scipioni, Angela Iris & Lily : Book one
See, Lisa Tea girl of Hummingbird Lane, The
Shattuck, Jessica Women in the castle, The
Shreve, Anita Stars are fire, The
Strout, Elizabeth Burgess boys, The
Trasi, Amita Color of our sky, The
Vidich, Paul Good assassin, The
Ware, Ruth Woman in cabin 10, The
Whitehead, Colson Underground railroad, The
Woods, Stuart Indecent exposure

Large Print

Author Title
Patterson, James 16th seduction
Steel, Danielle Against all odds : a novel

Young Adult

Author Title
Armstrong, Kelley Missing
Asher, Jay 13 reasons why
Aveyard, Victoria King’s cage
Eves, Rosalyn Blood rose rebellion
Miller, Michael Shadow run

Adult Non-Fiction

Author Title
Butala, Sharon Where I live now :
Finkel, Michael Stranger in the woods : the extraordinary story of the last true hermit, The
Garcia, Mayte Most beautiful : my life with Prince, The
Herriot, Trevor Towards a prairie atonement
Klein, Naomi No is not enough :
Laskin, David Children’s blizzard, The
Lewis, Michael Moneyball : the art of winning an unfair game
Mason, Paul T., M.S. Stop walking on eggshells :
Maufe, Jane Frozen frontier : Polar bound through the Northwest Passage, The

Junior Fiction

Author Title
Carlson, Caroline World’s greatest detective, The
Forbeck, Matt Star Wars : Rogue One : a junior novel
Giff, Patricia Reilly Genevieve’s war
Huckerby, Mark Defender of the Realm
Mlynowski, Sarah Sugar and spice
Sylvester, Kevin Minrs

Junior Non-Fiction

Author Title
Frank, Anne Anne Frank : the diary of a young girl
Sampson, Scott D. You can be a paleontologist!

Junior Easy

Author Title
Bradford, Louise Wade’s wiggly antlers
Brenner, Tom And then comes summer
Bridwell, Norman Clifford’s spring clean-up
Brunetti, Ivan Wordplay : a TOON book
Fortenberry, Julie Lily’s cat mask
Fucile, Tony Poor Louie
Furrow, Eva Take your time : a tale of Harriet, the Galapagos tortoise
Johanson, Carl All kinds of cars
Kann, Victoria Pinkalicious : cherry blossom
Kvasnosky, Laura McGee Little wolf’s first howling


Title LocalCallNumber
Adam resurrected DVD 1153
Breaking bad : season 1 DVD 1154
Breaking bad : season 2 DVD 1155
Breaking bad : season 3 DVD 1156
Breaking bad : season 4 DVD 1157
Breaking bad : season 5 DVD 1158
Breaking bad : season 6 DVD 1159
Call the midwife : season 5 DVD #179 Season 5
Flyboys DVD 1160
House of cards : season 4 DVD 1093
Mighty super machines : DVD 1152
You’re invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s greatest parties DVD #652