September 2017 New Arrivals

New Arrivals        September  2017


Adult Fiction

Author Title
Barton, Fiona Child, The
Brooks, Geraldine Caleb’s crossing
Brooks, Geraldine March
Brooks, Geraldine People of the book
Brooks, Geraldine Secret chord, The
Bryndza, Robert Girl in the ice, The
Dionne, Karen Marsh King’s daughter, The
Finder, Joseph Switch, The
Gaitskill, Mary Mare, The
George, Nina Little French bistro, The
Gray, Shelley Shepard His guilt
Hilderbrand, Elin Identicals, The
Honeyman, Gail Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine
Lapena, Shari Stranger in the house, A
McCall Smith, Alexander Bertie project, The
Orwell, George 1984
Patterson, James Murder games
Quinn, Kate Alice network, The
Roberts, Nora Come sundown
Roberts, Nora Key of valor
Saniee, Parinoush I hid my voice
Shoemaker, Sarah Mr. Rochester
Strout, Elizabeth Anything is possible
Strout, Elizabeth My name is Lucy Barton
Taylor, Ann Kidd Shark club, The
Woodsmall, Cindy Gathering the threads

Large Print

Author Title
Atkins, Ace Fallen, The
Johnson, Diane L’affaire
Reichs, Kathy Two nights

Adult Non-Fiction

Author Title
Baker, Peter E. Celebrating Canada :
Coleman, Melissa This life is in your hands : one dream, sixty acres, and a family’s heartbreak
Cooper, Anderson Rainbow comes and goes :, The
Dolezal, Rachel In full color : finding my place in a black and white world
Friesen, Joe Ballad of Danny Wolfe : a story of a Canadian outlaw, The
Rizvi, Ali A. Atheist Muslim : a journey from religion to reason, The
Shimo, Alexandra Invisible north : the search for answers on a troubled reserve
Sidibe, Gabourey This is just my face : try not to stare

Young Adult

Author Title
Brooks, Martha Bone dance
Dashner, James Fever code, The
Matharu, Taran Battlemage, The

Audio Books

Author Title
Brooks, Geraldine Nine parts of desire : the hidden world of Islamic women
Browder, Bill Red notice :
Ondaatje, Michael Anil’s Ghost
Sheldon, Sidney Are you afraid of the dark?
Young, William P. Shack, The


Title LocalCallNumber
Hidden figures DVD 1175
Manchester by the sea DVD 1174
Prison break : season 1 DVD 1170
Prison break : season 2 DVD 1171
Prison break : season 3 DVD 1172
Prison break : season 4 DVD 1173
Story of God : season 1, The DVD 1168
Story of God :, The DVD 1169

Junior Fiction

Author Title
Anderson, John David Posted
Dahl, Michael Frightmares 2 :
Hunter, Erin Broken pride
Hyman, Fracaswell Mango Delight
Johnson, Terry Lynn Overboard
Paiba, Helen Scary Stories for 7 year olds
Park, Linda Sue Trust no one
Parkhurst, Liz (edited by) August House book of scary stories :, The
Russell, Rachel Renee Dork diaries : tales from a not-so-dorky drama queen
Schwartz, Alvin More scary stories to tell in the dark
Schwartz, Alvin Scary stories 3 :
Schwartz, Alvin Scary stories to tell in the dark
Slipperjack, Ruby These are my words :

Junior Non-Fiction

Author Title
Animals (braille): knowledge you can touch
Minnie Mouse : Look and find
Barnard, Bryn New ocean : the fate of life in a changing sea, The
Buscaglia, Leo Fall of Freddie the leaf : a story of life for all ages, The
Delaunois, Angele Water’s Children
Jenkins, Martin Exploring space :
Leatherdale, Mary Beth Stormy seas : stories of young boat refugees

Junior Easy

Author Title
Barbie search and find : a fantastic world
Barnaby, Hannah Rodgers Garcia and Colette go exploring
Barnett, Mac Places to be
Bender, Rebecca Giraffe and Bird
Booth, Tom Don’t blink!
Boudreau, Helene I dare you not to yawn
Buitrago, Jairo Walk with me
Chabbert, Ingrid Last tree, The
Costello, David Little Pig saves the ship
Deal, Laura How Nivi got her names
Dean, James Pete the Cat phonics box :
Dean, Kimberly Pete the cat and the cool cat boogie
Fullerton, Alma Hand over hand
Ghahremani, Susie Stack the cats
Hopkinson, Deborah Letter to my teacher, A
Hubbell, Patricia Horses: trotting! prancing! racing!
Kwan, James How it feels to be a boat
McPhail, David Blue door : a fox and rabbit story, The